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Noble Formula 2% Pyrithione Zinc (ZnP) Original Emu Bar Soap, 3 oz each, (3 Bars in 1 Box), Total 9 oz


  • 2% pyrithione zinc (ZnP), a form of zinc with antifungal and antibacterial properties bar soap; especially formulated for those with psoriasis, eczema, dry, and sensitive skin***Please note that 3 bars of soap are inside of 1 box, total 9 oz***
  • An Excellent cleansing bar for everyday use and all skin types. Low comedogenic properties are helpful for acne prone skin
  • Relieves itching, redness, flaking, and irritation while removing oil, dirt, and debris
  • Formulated with antioxidant-rich olive oil, moisturizing and penetrating emu oil, and gently calming and exfoliating milled oats
  • Handmade and handcrafted in the USA with only the finest ingredients. We make no compromises for your skin!


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Product Description

Noble Formula Zinc Bar Soap was specially formulated for those with psoriasis, eczema and dry skin. It is an excellent daily cleansing bar for all skin types, safe for everyday use including those with acne-prone skin. In addition to zinc pyrithione (ZnP), Noble Formula Zinc Bar Soap also contains a high percentage of antioxidant-rich olive oil, moisturizing emu oil, with calming and gently exfoliating milled oats.

Most commercially made “soaps” are actually detergent bars, with potentially harmful ingredients you wouldn’t want to put on your skin. Our all natural zinc soap bars are made by hand with healthy oils, plant extracts, minerals, and milled oats. It’s real soap that your skin deserves.

Does this soap lather?

Staying true to being natural, there are no foaming agents, so lathering is minimal but still easy to apply to your skin and hair.

Is this soap safe for children?

Noble Formula customers report great success for their children with Noble Formula Bar Soaps. It is always wise to check with one’s own physician when determining which products / ingredients are appropriate for your own children.

Is this all natural soap fragrance-free?

No perfumes or fragrances are added to our soap, although you might detect a light and natural scent from the premium ingredients used.

Is this zinc soap available vegan?

Aside from our Emu oil zinc bar soap, we have Mango butter zinc bar soap and Argan oil zinc bar soap options that are both vegan.

Is Noble Formula zinc soap safe for acne-prone skin?

With low comedogenic ingredients and powerful antioxidants and moisturizers, all Noble Formula zinc soaps make an excellent daily cleansing bar safe and beneficial for acne-prone skin.

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